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Wear Elegance - Shopping Shahid Afridi's Eid Ul Adha Collection '24

by Usama Ziafat 15 Jun 2024
eid ul adha collection

Have you planned your outfit for Eid yet? Remember, while picking the sacrificial animal is highly important, you shouldn’t compromise on your outfit of the day! So, if you’re still behind and looking for leads, don’t worry. Shahid Afridi Store’s new Eid ul Adha Collection for the year has just dropped in, and from elegant shalwar kameez to sleek kurta pajama- there’s everything for every fashionable man’s preference. So, let’s stop with the introduction and explore the must-have articles for the festive occasion. 

Premium Men’s Shalwar Kameez - Top Picks 

Men’s shalwar kameez is a passed-on clothing tradition that never fails to impress. From multiple fabric variations to complimenting color shades and intricate stitching designs, the attire is a timeless classic and a top pick for every Eastern man. Thus, check out the best-sellers from Lala’s new Eid ul Adha Collection 24, which we’ve listed below; 

  • Optic White Kameez Shalwaar
  • You can never go wrong with a crisp white shalwar kameez. Thus, stitched with the finest blended wash-and-wear fabric, our new Optic White Kameez Shalwar Set is perfect for turning heads. Additionally, the timeless buttoned collar design and easy buttoned cuffs add more charm to the attire. Paired with the same colored bottoms, get this outfit and slay all the way! And the best part? You can add multiple accessories or even wear a waistcoat to enhance the charm. 

  • Navy Blue Kameez Shalwaar
  • As the wise man said, when in doubt, go blue- thus presenting the new best-seller from our Eid ul Adha collection: Navy Blue Kameez Shalwar. Stitched to perfection with premium stretchable cotton fabric, the attire has a white and red striped collar with buttoned front chest pockets and cuffs. For the perfect results, you can pair the outfit with brown-colored footwear. 

    Stylish Kurta Pajama Styles 

    While the shalwar kameez is usually the first preference, the style variation also includes an ethereal kurta pajama. Stitched while keeping perfection and fitness in mind, such outfits can be styled for various occasions and are expected to win everyone’s approval within just one glimpse. Here are our top kurta pajama picks from the new collection

  • Jet Black Kurta Pajama
  • As the list would have been incomplete without everyone’s favorite color, here’s another stylish option to consider, i.e., Jet Black Kurta Pajama. It is stitched with a high-quality, stretchable, and breathable cotton fabric. Further, the kurta is designed with an appealing slit buttoned front, round collar, and usual cuffs. Paired with a matching fitted pajama, this outfit is an easy win! 

  • Graphite Gray Kurta Pajama
  • However, if you prefer simplicity and sophisticated colors that can be worn on various occasions and regularly, try our in-demand Graphite Gray Kurta Pajama. Stitched to perfection with a high-quality wash-and-wear fabric, this outfit features a straight-cut kurta with a traditional sherwani collar, buttoned cuffs, and side pockets. The same-colored pajama completes the overall look and exhibits ultimate perfection. 

    Wardrobe Essentials & Footwear You Can’t Miss!

    Although our above-listed and suggested men’s shalwar kameez and kurta pajama picks are perfect for stealing the limelight on Eid, the additional wardrobe essentials like waistcoat and footwear accessories can elevate your overall look instantly- thus, here are the suggestions for both; 

  • Brown Waistcoat
  • While it’s true a waistcoat can elevate your shalwar kameez look effortlessly, it’s best to invest in a color that goes with everything, just like our Brown Waistcoat. Manufactured with blended wash and wear fabric, the waistcoat further has a buttoned front, a classic belted collar, and a sophisticated front pocket. Thus, whether you’re looking forward to making fashion statements on Eid or want to reuse the attire for other occasions- this option will never disappoint you! 

  • Blue Waistcoat
  • And if you’re not a fan of brown, a Blue Waistcoat can create a similar effect! This one is stitched with poly viscose fabric, which is perfect for hot summer seasons. Its features include a golden buttoned front, band collar, and side waist pocket. And the best part? You can style it for various formal to semi-formal occasions. 

  • Matte Camel Brown Panjedar
  • After picking a perfect shalwar kameez for the occasion, only traditional footwear like Matte Camel Brown Panjedar Peshawari chappal can complete your overall outfit. Whether it’s a festive occasion, a gathering, or a regular hangout, these traditional fits will be perfect for everything. 

  • Mughal Style With A Strap Kolhapuri
  • However, if you’re looking for more comfort and airflow, a traditional Mughal Style Strap Kolhapuri chappal will be a perfect choice.  Cozy, comfy, and stylish - this footwear complements the outfit and won’t let anyone forget your exhibited charm that easily. 

    Exhibit Perfect Outfit Goals This Bari Eid! 

    Eid Ul Adha, aka Bari Eid, holds a massive significance in the Muslim community. Thus, while sacrificing animals is the most important and required deed, wearing an elegant and traditional shalwar kameez makes everything perfect. And with our suggested picks from Shahid Afridi Store’s new Eid ul Adha collection, we are sure you will leave everyone speechless with your spontaneous fashion moments. Thus, we will end this guide here and wish you a meaty Eid in advance!
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