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From Casual To Classy: Mastering The Art Of Men's Shalwar Kameez Styles

by Shahmeer Khan 21 May 2024
From Casual To Classy: Mastering The Art Of Men's Shalwar Kameez Styles

The traditional shalwar kameez for men is not just a garment but a rich cultural legacy passed down through generations. However, with various colors and designs of shalwar kameez out there, choosing the perfect one can be overwhelming. But don't worry; we have just the right tips to help you elevate your fashion sense. 

Thus, whether you're confused between kameez designs and how to style them for casual or formal occasions or perhaps looking for tips to complete the look with accessories- this blog has everything for you. So, don't wait; start exploring now! 

Men's Shalwar Kameez: Origin & Popular Styles 

Introduced by the Mughals in the 16th and 19th centuries, the shalwar kameez symbolizes cultural identity across South Asia, particularly in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. 

Though the timeless shalwar kameez remains a staple in a man's wardrobe, with changing times, styles evolve, offering various options to suit every taste and occasion. That's why we've listed some of the most popular trends that are leading the charts currently; 

  • The Timeless Charm Of Plain Solids: There's a reason why solid-colored shalwar kameez for men never go out of style. Their clean lines, perfect stitching, and understated elegance offer a timeless appeal. Whether it's a crisp white kurta for a summery look or a deep black ensemble for a formal event, this style exudes effortless sophistication that never fails to impress.
  • Embracing The Festive Embroidery: When celebrating life's special occasions, intricately embroidered shalwar kameez sets take center stage. A kurta adorned with rich, detailed embroidery shimmering with festivity is perfect for weddings, religious festivals, or any event where you want to turn heads.
  • Sherwani-A Groom's Regal Attire: The sherwani holds a special place in Pakistani weddings. This long coat, meticulously crafted and often embellished with embroidery, adds a touch of royalty to the groom's look. It symbolizes tradition, heritage, and the momentous occasion itself. A well-stitched sherwani elevates the groom's style, making him the center of attention on his special day.
  • Comfortable & Subtle Short Kurta Pajama: The short kurta pajama combination offers a perfect blend of comfort and style. The shorter kurta length provides a relaxed feel, while the pajama bottoms ensure ease of movement. This versatile outfit is a popular choice for everyday wear, eid, or even a casual evening out.
  • A Celebration Of Cultural Diversity: The beauty of the shalwar kameez lies in its ability to reflect regional variations. From the sophisticated Peshawari/Afghani styles to loose-fit Balochi designs, each region in Pakistan boasts its own take on this traditional attire. And let's not forget the simple yet elegant Karachi kurta pajama, a favorite for its understated charm.

Seasons & Fabric Guide

Now that we've explored the most popular trends in men's shalwar kameez styles let's discuss another question: Which type of fabric should be chosen for shalwar kameez in Pakistan's weather seasons? 

  • Summer: When the sun blazes, breathable fabrics like lightweight cotton or wash and wear are the ideal choices. Such fabrics allow air circulation and keep you cool throughout the season. 
  • Autumn: As the scorching heat subsides, you can opt for slightly heavier fabrics. Cotton blends with polyester offer a good balance of breathability and wrinkle resistance. Viscose blends also provide a comfortable and stylish option for the pleasant autumn weather.
  • Winter: When the temperature drops, prioritize warmth and comfort. Khaddar, a hand-woven woolen fabric, is a classic winter favorite. It offers exceptional warmth and a timeless, sophisticated look. 
  • Spring: Spring brings a delightful mix of warm and cool days. While cotton blends remain a good choice, you can also opt for summer linen, as this fabric ensures comfort and coolness all day long. 

Casual To Formal: Styling Your Shalwar Kameez Perfectly

Now, how do you style the popular shalwar kameez styles perfectly and achieve that breathtaking eastern perfection? We've listed a few suggestions below; 

Plain Solids

Most solid-colored shalwar kameez sets are worn as matching sets, exuding a sophisticated and elegant charm. For a captive twist, a crisp white kurta with a well-fitted black shalwar can create a "wow" impression. Similarly, you can also try various colored kameez with classic white shalwar and rock the look. Additionally, you can wear the traditional Peshawari sandals or kolhapuri chappal to complete the overall look.

Intricate Embroidery

Slightly embroidered kurtas are the stars of the show, so it's best to keep the shalwar simple and in a complementary color. In addition to shalwar, you can also opt for straight-leg fitted pajamas, which complement the look even more. 

Sherwani: A Groom's Regal Attire

A well-tailored sherwani demands that bedazzling effect. So, for the best results, you can pair it with a matching or contrasting shalwar and a traditional turban for a truly regal look. Similarly, consider a sherwani with a slimmer fit and minimal embellishments for a more contemporary take. To match the same panache as the sherwani, we suggest wearing the traditional khussa for the overall "wow" effect. 

The Comfortable & Subtle: Short Kurta Pajama

As the short kurta pajama style is perfect for daily wear, you can opt for a cotton kurta in a dark or light shade, depending on your preference and the event's significance. You can also wear the same colored pajama for a relaxed and coordinating look. Matching various colors with white or off-white bottoms never goes out of style. 

The Culture Influenced Shalwar Kameez 

While pulling off a traditional shalwar kameez for men is usually the one way to steal everyone's attention, most Pakistanis also prefer exhibiting their love for their culture through their apparel. Hence, you can style; 

A Peshawari shalwar kameez with minimal and sophisticated embroidery looks perfect with a traditional waistcoat. The color can be the same as the shalwar kameez or even contrast, depending on the occasion. Finish the look with Peshawari sandals. 

Similarly, the Balochi style exudes style and comfort with a well-tailored kameez and Patiala shalwar. We suggest opting for darker colors and finishing the look with Balochi "Chawats" (sandals) and "Dastaar" (turban). 

Lastly, the Sindhi traditional look is incomplete without the "Ajrak" shawl or topi, so don't forget to add those while wearing the traditional shalwar kameez. 

Elevating The Look With Accessories

While wearing the popular shalwar kameez style is already a perfect decision to rock the look, adding the right accessories can elevate your look from good to great. Thus, here are some tips to consider; 

  • Footwear Matters: As there are different footwear for every occasion, you can wear traditional sandals or loafers for a slightly formal event. For a more casual vibe, the Kohlapuris can be your best look!
  • Minimal Jewelry: Don't overdo your look with the sparkling jewels. A simple watch or a signet ring is enough for a touch of sophistication. A statement bracelet can work well with a more casual kurta pajama.
  • The Finishing Touch: Don't underestimate the power of a well-groomed beard or a touch of cologne. They not only complete your look but can also add a touch of personal style.
  • Quality Matters: While you can purchase your traditional outfit from any place, the best shalwar kameez brand, like the Shahid Afridi Store, offers guaranteed quality and consistent fits. And the best part? Everything stays within the budget! 

  • Embrace Your Traditional Legacy With Style! 

    And there you have all the details regarding shopping for the most popular shalwar kameez for men and pairing them with the right accessories to achieve the utmost perfection. We hope you found our insight engaging and valuable. If you're looking forward to purchasing the best shalwar kameez at affordable prices and without compromising quality, the Shahid Afridi Store is the way to go! 

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